Calming Yin Bracelet



The Calming Yin Bracelets features smooth semi-precious Hematite gemstone beads (4 mm) and a Sterling Silver or 14ct Gold Filled focus bead. The Yin bracelet can be worn on it's on but it has been designed to be stacked up with the Yang Bracelets or other Yin Bracelets in different colours.


This bracelet is available in different sizes, please refer to the last picture for size information.
The bracelet should fit quite snug. If you need a different size, please leave me a message at the checkout and I will customise it for you :)


♥ Calmness ♥ Protection ♥ Healing ♥

Hematite has a cooling and calming effect, as well as helps develop concentration and focus. Overall, Hematite brings a quality of energy that is powerful, strong and grounding.

The name Hematite comes from the Greek word for blood. It has been used as an amulet against bleeding, and so is known as the "blood stone".

Colour - Grey
Birthstone - March, December
Zodiac - Aries, Aquarius
Chakra - Heart Chakra


Semi-Precious Hematite Beads
Sterling Silver or 14ct Gold Filled Bead
Elastic Cord

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