Wishing for the Stars Bracelet - Carmine



This bracelet is so small and dainty but it really stands out as something special when worn. The material of this bracelet is very high quality and long lasting. The string is highly resistant to fraying and keeps its colour. 

Buy two of the same and keep one for you and give one to your best friend and then make a wish when you put the bracelet on. 

The Wishing for the Stars Bracelet is available with 14ct Rose Gold Filled beads OR 925 Sterling Silver Beads  OR 14ct Gold Filled Beads (see the third picture to compare) -> Please choose at the checkout. 

This bracelet is very dainty (the beads are 1.5 mm). The closure is adjustable to fit your wrist perfectly.


The bracelet is available in three sizes. Please see the last picture for size info. Medium fits most.


You can get this bracelet wet and in contact with soap (so it's fine to wear in the shower) but do not wear it in a swimming pool, the sea or get it in contact with perfume or makeup (especially the gold filled ones) as any real gold will react to that.


1.5 mm 14ct Rose Gold Filled OR 925 Sterling Silver OR 14ct Gold Filled Beads
Durable Polyester Thread

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